Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Craig Cobb Gets Supervised Probation, Will Retire From White Racial Activism And Move To Missouri To Care For His Mother

The "new" Craig Cobb
From the Associated Press and the Bismarck Tribune and KFYR Channel 5, we learn that on April 29th, 2014, Craig Cobb's immediate future has been settled. Judge David Reich accepted a guilty plea on five misdemeanor menacing counts and one felony terrorizing charge, and sentenced Cobb to four years supervised probation but no additional prison time beyond the 167 days served since November. Among the 26 conditions of probation imposed upon Cobb include orders that he must stay 500 yards from Leith, N.D., have no contact with his victims, do not own or possess any firearms, consume no alcohol, procure gainful employment, cannot use surveillance equipment, and must submit to search of his person, possessions, or domicile upon demand. Cobb will be wearing a global positioning system monitor.

Cobb initially was charged with five felonies and faced a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Before sentencing, Cobb told the court "I regret my actions. I know I was wrong and I accept responsibility for my actions. It was an unfortunate confluence of circumstances and bad decisions on my part". He plans to retire from white nationalism, and will seek permission to transfer his probation to Missouri to care for his mother. Cobb has since sold his house and deeded eight other properties in Leith back to the city. However, Leith Mayor Ryan Schock is unhappy with the plea deal because three properties are still owned by white nationalist sources, to include the National Socialist Movement, Tom Metzger, and Alex Linder.

Background: You can read this VNN Forum thread for details. In summary, inspired in part by the successful Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) communities in Kalispell, MT and La Crescenta, CA, Craig Cobb decided to replicate the PLE experiment in North Dakota to take advantage of the proximity of the high-paying jobs of the Bakken oil fields. He chose Leith as his proposed PLE community, and had speculated on the possibility of eventually renaming it "Cobbsville". However, the SPLC caught wind of the project and outed him in August 2013. Cobb decided to fight fire with fire and go on the offensive; he invited others to join him in Leith. He also reportedly had a couple of verbal confrontations with the only black resident in Leith. Because Cobb had received threats, he started patrolling while carrying a gun. This is what got him into trouble and triggered his arrest. Great strategy -- poor tactics. This means "mum" has to be the word on any future PLE projects; if you do it, keep your mouth shut about it and handle it like April Gaede and Scott Ernest have in Kalispell.


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PRESS RELEASE: April 30, 2014: AWS & ANA Partnership
The Advanced White Society is proud to announce an official partnership with the American Nationalist Association on a number of upcoming events and conferences. AWS CEO Jason Hiecke and ANA Chairman Rodney Martin agreed over the phone, in a closed-session meeting on April 29, that nothing can be more important than working together toward building a legitimate White Advocacy Movement “for our People and our Children’s future.”
Chairman Martin and CEO Hiecke discussed their common ground at length, particularly their shared family values and mutual commitment to high standards which each of their organizations possess, and without which no Movement can hope to attract the essential working-class base required to effect positive societal change.
The inter-organizational cooperation between the ANA and AWS also extends to the sphere of media broadcasting, or what can be described as “positive propaganda,” as Jason Hiecke has agreed to host his own radio program on the American Nationalist Network. Having quite a bit of broadcasting experience already, Jason will have a weekly 1-hour show each Monday at 5PM (ET), covering various news items and issues relevant to the Cause of White Advocacy. Shows start Monday (May 12).
Chairman Martin commented, “I am very pleased to be entering into a working relationship with Mr. Hiecke and the AWS for the advancement of common goals and objectives, this is consistent with the ANA mission to forge a much larger coalition of quality like-minded Organizations dedicated to positive activism and advocacy on behalf of our People”.
CEO Jason Hiecke commented, “This is a good start for our struggle, I look forward to working with Chairman Martin and the ANA. This is what our struggle needs, positive like-minded organizations working together for the good of our people.”

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Cobb is a fucking retard. Always was one. I remember when he was in Estonia chanting dogshit about Cthonic Actinoids. And now his good buddy traitor Glenn Miller has bitten the dust. This is a good day for the movement. Removing the cancer(s).

Craig Cobb is and always was the "Jeffrey Goines" of the WNist movement.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was a nice flash-in-the-pan/fifteen minutes (or less) of fame for Mr.Cobb. So, what all was ACCOMPLISHED for the cause here? Yep, nothin.

Yes, the idea was interesting, but like you said AA, "poor tactics." Going on "armed patrols" really clinched it. Cobb and his associates already had the big bullseye on them just for doing something pro-White, but introducing guns layed out the welcome mat for ZOGs enforcers. With the accompanying jewsmedia hype about "gun toting Nazis terrorizing small town!"

Surpised Cobb ONLY got probation. Very surprised.

So, who is gonna pull the next big "White Power" publicity stunt and what's it gonna be?

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Cobb looks good and I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Hiecke and Martin aka Lillinthal , have joined together, because they have neither of them accomplished anything but entertaining a few net Nazi's and lurkers, and think that despite Hitler's warning, they feel that eight cripples joining together will produce one action hero. Who's next to join their clusterfuck, Jeff Schoep? Maybe Craig Cobb?

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ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has a well thought out expose of this Cobb mess, currently posted over on the American Nazi Party. website www.ANP14.com

Anonymous said...

Hey AA, any news/updates on the surviving Bruders Schweigen members?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 11:53 P.M -- Sorry, nothing more recent than July 2013, which was Richard Scutari's last letter to a National Alliance member. He seems to be doing well.

Last I heard, Gary Yarborough's doing harder time. In 2010, the Feds were breaking his balls once again, so his wife doesn't want to publicize information about him out of fear the Feds will use it against him.

Ku Klux Klan of Massachusetts / Middlesex County Chapter (KKKofMA-MCC) SEC7:DIV617 said...

Mr. Cobb was always an instigator. We're delighted that the whole situation has finally been laid to rest.